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PoE is A Must Try/Play Game If You Enjoy ARPG Games

PoE is A Must Try/Play Game If You Enjoy ARPG Games

Berichtdoor pathofexiletips » 02 apr 2018, 10:51

Path of exile started in 2013 and is still growing , path of exile brings ARPG that gives massive ways of building your character and the design is quite gotich type. Whenever you need to buy poe exalted orb, you can turn to U4GM for help. We has cheap poe items.

Story: Now when it comes to story for me itself the story was "Eh .... "not saying that story is bad ,but will say that it didn't realy drag me in that much too feel amazed not to mention that i didn't realy dig that much through dialog from characters.

Graphics: The game as i said looks Gothic style too me ... but even thought it looks like that what makes me a bit annoyed is how your character feels like when it comes to design (no matter how much you try you will still look almost like a Hobo if you don't start buying some cosmetics or earn them through events).

Gameplay: PoE did great when it comes to gameplay and how its abilitys works THERES SO MUCH when it comes to making your build its soo fun Example: You found a fireball and now you want it to be even more good ... OK just slap multi shot and slap more stuff and combine gems and all that and you get some EPIC cluster ability that is so satisfying that your PC freezes.

Now its not always gonna be like that but still the game allows you to build anything , But if you wanna reach to the end you will probably have to stick too few common things even though you don't want to.
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