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This was a hell of an introduction to Path of Exile

This was a hell of an introduction to Path of Exile

Berichtdoor poes » 11 apr 2018, 09:18

Why is this amazing? When I run Vault, every single time a tier 14 map would drop, it’s a Vault map. Every time a tier 15 map would have dropped, it’s downgraded and becomes a Vault map. Because Shaped maps aren’t connected anywhere, they don’t give anything that isn’t already completed on your Atlas. In this case, this means I get a whole lot of Vault maps back—remember, maps are a consumable, and once you run them, you’ll need another. If you don’t want to do too much trading while farming and you have a Shaped map you like, this is the optimal strategy. I don’t have to deal with other players to get more maps, since I always have enough, and that lets me farm a little bit more poe items.

Luckily I have an ace in the hole: a totem I can place that aggros the boss and his mobs, giving me a few seconds to glance at my health, pop some healing and mana flasks, and lay on the damage. Ice flies from my hands as fast as I can clickclickclickclick. When the boss goes into full-on bullet hell mode, I can hide behind one of the immobilized statues for a couple key seconds of safety. I finally land the killing blow… to his first form. Avarius becomes Innocence, and my hands start sweating.
Once my Atlas was in this state, all I did was shape Vault. Now it’s the only tier 14 on my Atlas.

If you’re a Path of Exile fan and you need some extra orbs, the folks at PlayerAuctions have you covered! A ton of poe orbs and items are up for sale at reasonable prices and from a trusted seller. You can check out the complete list of poe orbs and items right here, and there’s a LOT! If you’re not familiar with PlayerAuctions, the site sells items for multiple games, and gives traders a safe environment to conduct business.
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