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Dele Alli unhappy with Fifa 18 rating: 'I thought it was goi

BerichtGeplaatst: 27 sep 2017, 09:29
door Son sovan
The 21-year-old has previously stated EA SBOBET Sports should not be handing him a rating lower than "86 or 85" for this year's edition of the video game series, only to be given 84.

In an appearance on Rio Ferdinand's FIVE YouTube channel, the former defender says Dele does not look happy with his rating card.

"I'm not," he replied, shaking his head. "Every year... I thought it was going to be more realistic this year."
Ferdinand hands him the big cut-out and Dele replies, jokingly: "I don't want to hold it." SBOBET

He continued: "Obviously, the defending is really low. When I started at MK I always played in defensive midfield so I think I'm a lot better than what I clearly am according to this.

"I'm quite slow to the pace is alright. But shooting should probably be higher, dribbling higher SBOBET ... passing.