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Fish Oil for health benefits...

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Fish Oil for health benefits...

Berichtdoor davefollmers » 12 maart 2018, 11:48


I started being interested in Sikhism around 3 years ago, after moving to Australia for studying, and getting acquainted with Sikhs over there. Around 2 yeas ago I decided to become a vegetarian due to the Sikh's teachings and disagreement with animal cruelty. However, It is known that becoming a vegetarian has a detrimental effect on the vitamins concentration in the body. After sometime I started noticing reduction in my mental and physical performance and also started getting tired more often . However, the same thing is happening with my other friend who is a Sikh and has been vegetarian all his life. It was advised after visiting a doctor that we should consume fish oil. This is where the great dilemma is coming from. On one hand having fish oil it is like also consuming fish. In other words, fish is being killed to provide fish oil to people. We can justify that though, by saying that we don not participate in killing fish and just get a final product. However, the same then can be said about eating meet, which kills the whole purpose of being vegetarian.The question is, can a Sikh consume Fish Oil due to the health issues or for health benefits? Does it contradicts with Sikhism's values and morals?

please help

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

http://www.sikhnet.com/discussion/viewt ... 10&t=12670
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