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Loneliness just like Marlboro cigarette

Loneliness just like Marlboro cigarette

Berichtdoor cigspriced » 03 aug 2018, 11:17

People often say it is happy to love a person.Even though you can't gain her heart, it is still happy.But i think that is a burden, which stop me from seeing tomorrow sunshine Carton Of Cigarettes Price.When the Marlboro gold cigarette fall in love with red lips Marlboro Cigarette Types, it is not due to you can't quit nicotine
But it has become a habit of missing.Write your name on cigarette, suck into lung,just don't want to forget.
Memory gradually elongated year after year.in that distant place, I look at you?walked?gradually toward me, you tell me, you didn't come here to look me Brands Of Cigarettes, in the front, you have found what you're looking for, and you, just go to further places to complete mission what life give to you Marlboro Menthol Lights. You say what I'm looking for is still in front, but you don't know, when I saw you, I don't want to go on looking for, I have found what i want, I have no need to pursue again, because I was tired Organic Cigarettes, regardless how long is my life.
The Marlboro cigarette burned out, only half leave.The night, still is so quiet.There are still two shadows by?my side, one is you, the other one?is lonely, I said, that is memory in my life.
I turn off all lights, dark in the huge space, only me, and a touch of shine, because I did not want to let anyone see through my loneliness, because they think I am very unreasonable, they laugh at my childish, laugh at my silly, while I smile the world to be too ridiculous. Then I began to believe that only smoke can read my heart, although it makes me sad, even tear across cheeks, I can continue my heartache, at least it will not laugh at me.
I held half of Marlboro light regular cigarette, continue my loneliness in the night, they say are addictived to loneliness, and now I believe it, this is true, just like we are addictived to cigarette, at the moment, just like the empty after the show, only me, guarding the empty night, search the elongated story?in my memory!
At the moment, I can't find words to put an end to my moment mood, so it has no ending, just like my memory, and has no end?forever, bits and pieces of the word to the strike, remember, it's not over.Even though it is so heartbreaking, I still unwilling to leave, so I put it out, I said, this is my memory, when I miss you, it will tell me your look, although it is a shadow.Half cigarette, lifetime love!

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