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Problem with orchid

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Problem with orchid

Berichtdoor davefollmers » 12 maart 2018, 11:47


I'm worried about one of my mine so am hoping someone can shed some light on the problem. I'd be very grateful for any help you can give. I have 3 orchids co-habiting on my windowsil. It is SW facing and gets very hot so in the recent hot days - few though they have been - I have been moving them away from the window as I was concerned about scorching especially after the one in question appeared to get badly scorched. It had a lovely shiny new leaf but I came home from a few days away to discover it was, I assumed, burnt to a crisp I removed the leaf assuming it had no future. Another leaf (the one produced prior to the new one) had similar damage but in a patch so I left it. This week, about 6 wks after the previous horror, I noticed the other burnt leaf was starting to go soft and crinkly. I cut away the burnt bit but then discovered it was dying at the base so removed it completely. I then discovered that the centre, under it, was black! The hole was full of what looked like powdered charcoal, black and grey. I'm a bit alarmed especially after reading about a fungus that attacks orchids and turns them black so have moved it away from its friends and am hoping for expert advice from this forum. Can anyone tell me what the problem is, if it is transferable and what to do about it? The plant still looks very healthy otherwise with flowers and 2 older remaining leaving.

please help

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