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You To Have A Much Higher Profit Through The Poe Currency Pu

You To Have A Much Higher Profit Through The Poe Currency Pu

Berichtdoor poes » 11 apr 2018, 09:16

This was a hell of an introduction to Path of Exile, but according to lead programmer Jonathan Rogers, Avarius is something like the fifth or sixth most impressive and elaborate boss of The Fall of Oriath, Path of Exile's new expansion. There are 24 new boss battles, and most of them are gods, which ties into the expansion's biggest gameplay addition, the Pantheon system. Put simply, as you slay your way through the gods and demigods of Path of Exile, you'll earn a new buff from each that can be equipped in the new Pantheon menu. It's essentially a mural of all the gods you've murdered in The Fall of Oriath.

The average Harbinger mob seems to drop approximately half a chaos orbs poe worth of items. This means it’s rarely worth it for you to stop and farm the Harbinger mobs if all you care about is currency. The problem is that the expensive shards drop infrequently, and the cheap shards stack so high. There’s no reason a Chaos stack needs to go up to 20, but it does. There’s also no good explanation for why an Exalted Shard is almost as rare as an actual poe trade currency. Of course, there’s also Mirror Shards, the only really expensive item Harbinger mobs drop, but I’m sure I’ll never see them. I can’t even get that excited about Exalted Shards knowing that they’re worth two Chaos each. In other words, Harbinger mobs bring us frequent drops that are worth very little.

It’s worth mentioning that the new shard types take up lots of of inventory space. The Harbingers drop twelve different types of shards. Twelve. Even if you ignore the Exalted and Mirror Shards, you’re still looking at two full rows of your inventory filled by tiny pieces of items. And they don’t all fit in a poe currency purchase tab now either. This has been addressed by the developers and they’ve said there are more slots coming soon, but even then, there’s no reason for these shards to exist, at least in their current form.
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